Outdoor Mass Notification System

HyperSpike® products bring revolutionary sound quality and intelligibility to the industry. Our innovative designs exceed the highest standards in military and mass notification markets.

The lightest and loudest life safety mass notification speakers on the market, HyperSpike technology allows for outstanding speech clarity with an average STI rating of 0.85 out of 1.0. Get your prerecorded message out in the event of an emergency and/or warning. The products are great for emergency alert and/or notification that can notify people of floods, tornadoes, lighting harzard and other storms. 

These outdoor mass notification systems is suitable to be deploy at areas where you do not have many buildings to install your standard loudspeakers where such applications are usually used for national garden, seaside, shipyard and large leisure and recreation areas.


With the constant need to alert and inform, the HyperSpike® MA-1 is a UL 1480A listed and CID2 Hazardous Location certified, 360° Mass Notification System.

Leading the industry in voice intelligibility, speaker design achieves an exceptional STI rating of 0.91 out of 1.0, ensuring commands are clearly transmitted and heard, even in high noise environments.

Housed in a waterproof UV-resistant enclosure, the battle-tested MA-1 has become the trusted mass notification system for the US military’s forward operating bases in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Ideal for rapid deployment, the MA-1 system can go from its road case to fully operational in under five minutes.

The MA-1 is the “clear” choice for alerting and facilitating a response before, during, and after an event!


MA-1 UL 1480A Listed, CID2 Certified Speaker

  • UL 1480A Listed

  • Class I, Division 2, Groups, A, B, C, and D Hazardous Locations Certified

  • High power, Omni-directional, 143 dB SPL

  • Wide frequency range: 125 Hz - 8kHz

  • STI 0.91 out of 1.0

  • 450 W peak power per side

  • Intelligible announcements and warning tones